Thermal insulation

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PUE "RViMA" offers services for thermal insulation of pipelines, shut-off and control pipeline valves, pipe fittings, capacitive equipment.

Pipe insulation is necessary in order to prevent heat transfer between the product inside the pipes and the environment, and its widespread use is primarily due to considerations of energy saving and efficiency. Heat insulation of pipes must be carried out in accordance with generally accepted requirements and standards. The correct calculation and the performance of insulation of pipes can significantly save energy.

On the contrary, in the case where the insulation of pipelines is performed unprofessionally, the costs of correcting errors in the calculations and installation are significantly increased. Therefore, we strongly recommend that the thermal insulation of pipelines be carried out exclusively by professional installation organizations with experience in performing such works.

Tasks in pipelines insulation

The main purpose of pipe insulation:

  • reduction of heat loss during transportation of high-temperature liquids and hot steam through pipes;
  • pipe insulation ensures the preservation of low temperature during transportation of chilled liquids, air conditioning pipelines, refrigeration equipment;
  • the maximum increase in the service life of pipelines. Pipe insulation, made in accordance with technical requirements and standards, will allow you to get rid of the need to carry out scheduled repairs and maintenance for a long time;
  • insulation of pipes in order to prevent condensation and the subsequent appearance of corrosion centers on the surface of pipes. This is especially true when transporting cold liquids. An important quality of the thermal insulation material in this case should be the maximum vapor resistance;
  • thermal insulation of pipelines improves fire safety and protects personnel from burns when servicing equipment near the passage of pipe routes.

Insulation of pipelines can be of several types. The customer only should choose one or another type that meets the technical requirements. Our company can offer you the installation of thermal insulation of pipelines of different diameters using a variety of high quality materials and modern technologies:

  • mineral-wool materials (PAROC, ROCKWOOL, ISOVER);
  • technical insulation of foam caoutchouc rubber (K-Flex, ARMAFLEX).

Depending on the requirements of the technology and the wishes of the customer, pipe insulation can be protected by aluminum sheets as well as galvanized or stainless steel.

Calculation and installation of insulation of pipelines is one of the activities of our company. In carrying out works of the insulation of pipelines, we use our large experience gained by our specialists in the provision of such services at numerous facilities in various fields. We will help you to choose a thermal insulation material, as well as ensure the installation of pipe insulation in the shortest possible time and in accordance with standards and requirements. We will perform both thermal insulation of pipelines on straight lines and in areas of complex shapes: shut-off and control valves, bends, tees.

We will be glad to see you among our customers!

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The benefits of working with us

years of warranty
more than 10 years of work experience
more than 20 large implemented projects
more than 100 satisfied customers
  • Permanent highly qualified staff: all employees have qualification and certification licenses. Part of the welders have certification NAKS.
  • System of quality controlof the performed works on the basis of the European standards, including control of welding connections by means of video endoscopes.
  • Availability of permits:
    - NP "Interregional Association of builders" (SRO), Moscow;
    - certified NAKS welding technology;
    - documents on labor protection, work at height, fire safety.
  • Own warehouse of components (first supplier) of stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316L and equipment for food production: dampers, pipes, fittings, pumps, rolled metal product (Niob Fluid).
  • Modern tools and equipment:
    orbital welding, pipe cutters "Georg Fischer, Orbitalum", inverter welding machines.
  • Own vehicle fleet
    (freight and passenger) allows us to be quick and flexible in solving problems
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